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Maximizing Information Sharing to Enhance Investigative Efforts

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Date Published
February 2011
2 pages
This report provides an overview on Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS).
RISS is a national program of regionally oriented services designed to enhance the ability of local, State, Federal, and tribal criminal justice agencies to: identify, target, and remove criminal conspiracies and activities spanning multijurisdictional, multi-State, and sometimes international boundaries; facilitate rapid exchange and sharing of information among the agencies pertaining to known suspected criminals or criminal activity; and enhance coordination and communication among agencies that are in pursuit of criminal conspiracies determined to be inter-jurisdictional in nature. Discussed in detail are RISSIntel which houses millions of data records on suspects, locations, vehicles and other critical information, and RISSLinks which provides a data-visualization tool available to users when viewing records to create link-analysis charts, visualize connections, and produce charts and visual representations of data to aid in the investigative and prosecutorial process. Contact information is provided for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies wanting and qualified to use the RISS resource.

Date Published: February 1, 2011