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National Public Safety Partnership Case Study Summaries

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Date Published
July 2021
3 pages

Online access is provided to 10 case studies of the features and benefits of various cities’ participation in the U.S. Justice Department’s National Public Safety Partnership (PSP), which assists participating cities in addressing serious violent crime through coordinated training and technical assistance over a 3-year engagement that operates under a model that emphasizes the development of data-driven, evidence-based strategies tailored to each participating city’s  distinctive needs and circumstances.


PSP case studies are provided for the following cities: Compton, California, collaborating to reduce violent crime and increase cooperation between a probation department and a police department; 2) Jackson, Mississippi, building foundational capacities and partnerships to fight violent crime; 3) Memphis, Tennessee, deploying a monumental collaboration effort to reduce violent crime;  4) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, developing a collaborative approach for an offender-based and place-based PSP strategy; 5) Nashville, Tennessee, countering violent crime at the “grass-roots” level through collective efficacy; 6) New Orleans, Louisiana, developing successful strategies and organizational “buy-in” with the PSP approach; 7) St. Louis, Missouri, leveraging a comprehensive coalition of agencies to reduce violent crime victimization; 8) Salisbury, North Carolina, establishing collaboration to address violent crime; and 9) West Memphis, Arkansas, creating analytical capacities in developing and implementing data-driven violent crime strategies. A concluding “topical case study” provides an overview of the training and technical assistance opportunities available to an SPS site, summaries of PSP sites that have focused on crime analysis, and a discussion of the path forward as it relates to crime analysis within PSP.

Date Published: July 1, 2021