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National White Collar Crime: Helping America Fight Economic Crime

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March 2002
4 pages
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This paper describes the work and services of the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), which provides a national support network for agencies and organizations involved in preventing, investigating, and prosecuting economic crime, cyber crime, and other high-tech crimes.
NW3C provides a platform for better cooperation and coordination among Federal, State, and local agencies responsible for countering economic crime. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, and operating offices in the Morgantown and Fairmont areas of West Virginia, NW3C staff include computer crime specialists, curriculum developers, enforcement analysts, intelligence technicians, researchers, and training coordinators. In the area of intelligence, the NW3C offers a Criminal Information Pointer database, which directs qualified member agencies to other criminal justice agencies that may be investigating similar criminal activity. It also has access to a variety of public information databases, including Lexis-Nexis and ChoicePoint. In the area of training, NW3C offers introductory to advanced courses. Courses currently offered include Financial Investigations Practical Skills, Financial Records Examination and Analysis, and Disaster Fraud Management. The NW3C analysis unit helps members examine bank records and financial documents, analyze transaction patterns, prepare charts that show links between criminals and their activities, and analyze qualitative data and trends. Other services pertain to case funding, research, fraud complaint management, and the Economic Crime Summit. NW3C members consist of local and State law enforcement agencies, State regulatory agencies with criminal investigative authority, and local and State prosecution offices.

Date Published: March 1, 2002