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Peer Exchange Guide: Enhancing CompStat Strategy

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Date Published
August 2017
2 pages
This is a guide for law enforcement agencies that are considering participation in a peer learning opportunity that will focus on improving CompStat processes.
This guide includes suggested agenda topics for the peer exchange activities and discussions, examples of objectives for the peer exchange, potential outcomes, and additional resources. The CompStat model, which was initiated by the New York City Police Department and has achieved widespread acceptance as a model for analyzing crime problems, is used as a performance management and accountability system. It fosters accountability in the sharing of crime data and data on police performance, structures decisions on resource allocation, and guides the design of policing strategies. Agencies interested in implementing or improving CompStat processes can benefit from peer learning opportunities that include the observation of an agency's effective operation of the CompStat model and discussions with personnel who administer, collect, and analyze CompStat data. A sample agenda for such a peer exchange is provided in this guide, along with sample objectives, and potential outcomes of a CompStat-related peer exchange. A listing of resources with online access includes profiles of various agency CompStat models that have been involved in previous peer exchanges.

Date Published: August 1, 2017