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Performance Metric Tracking (PMT): Overview of Requirements

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Date Published
April 2020
2 pages

This factsheet instructs grantees under the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance's (BJA's) Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) in how to comply with SAKI's Performance Metric Tracking (PMT) system, which provides quarterly updates on performance of the SAKI model.


These PMT updates include the grantee's inventory of uncommitted SAKs and SAK testing progress, as well as information on the investigation and prosecution of cases that have resulted from SAKI efforts. The PMT report also asks questions about grant activity during the quarter, including working group and partner activity; development and implementation of new policies, procedures, and protocols; training conducted or attended; and creation of new positions or use of overtime. In January and July of each calendar year, qualitative data on the goals and objectives of the jurisdiction over the previous 6 months are reported in the PMT. This report must be uploaded into the Grants Management System (GMS). In addition, as a requirement of SAKI funding, grantees must complete a full inventory of uncommitted SAKs within the first 6 months of the grant period. Answers to frequently asked questions address where to get help in submitting a PMI report, how to track data for the PMT, and PMT reporting of data on grantee SAK inventories prior to the grant period.

Date Published: April 1, 2020