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PREA: What You Need To Know (Inmate Education Facilitator's Guide)

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Date Published
February 2014
35 pages
This Inmate Education Facilitator's Guide is a curriculum that instructs inmates in the implementation of the provisions of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), based on Federal standards for their implementation.
This guide is a supplement to the video "PREA: What You Need to Know." The guide's purpose is to assist corrections officials in conducting educational screenings of the video for inmates in their custody. The video teaches inmates about their right to be free from sexual abuse and sexual harassment. It presents an overview of corrections policies intended to prevent and respond to such abuse. It addresses how inmates can safely report sexual abuse, the types of victim services available to inmates following an incident of sexual abuse, and what it means for a facility to have a "zero-tolerance" policy. Using this guide, correctional agencies can develop educational material on policies specific to their institutions. Agencies are encouraged to have trained facilitators conduct screenings of the video and interact with inmates about its content. The various sections of the guide address the importance of inmate education, standards for implementing the provisions of PREA, inmate intake education, comprehensive education, and the documentation of inmate participation in PREA education programs. Also covered in the guide are ongoing inmate education, the accessibility of information, and additional options for customizing the video inmate education program. A listing of Web sites and "Webinars" and appended definitions and the video transcript

Date Published: February 1, 2014