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Preventing Law Enforcement Officer Suicide: A Compilation of Resource and Best Practices CD-ROM

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Based on a compilation of suicide prevention resources from law enforcement agencies throughout the country, this interactive CD-ROM provides guidance for an agency in developing a program for preventing officer suicide, as well as sample suicide prevention materials, sample training materials, sample presentations, and sample funeral protocols.
Detailed guidance is provided for developing a law enforcement suicide prevention program that uses public health principles. Guidelines are categorized by stages, with the first stage being problem identification, followed in succession by the stages of resource assessment, the identification of risk and protective factors, the development and piloting of intervention strategies, and program implementation and evaluation. The next section of the CD-ROM presents sample suicide prevention materials that have been used by law enforcement agencies throughout the Nation. Five sample brochures provide information on an officer’s recognition of his/her need for assistance and resources for help, as well as how to manage grief. Four sample posters provide messages on suicide prevention. The third section of the CD-ROM contains examples of training presentations, videos, and brochures used by law enforcement agencies in their efforts to prevent officer suicide. The fourth section of the CD-ROM is composed of numerous PowerPoint presentations on a variety of suicide-related topics. General suicide presentations address a national strategy of suicide prevention, suicide epidemiology in the United States, trends in rates and methods of suicide, and Florida’s commitment to suicide prevention. Four presentations are overviews of law enforcement suicide. Topics covered include the risk of suicide for police officers, police occupational stress, the law enforcement culture and how it affects officers and their families, and law enforcement suicide prevention and intervention. The fifth section of the CD-ROM provides sample funeral protocols for officers who have committed suicide, death notifications, and other related materials.

Date Published: January 1, 2008