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Privacy and Information Quality Risks: Justice Agency Use of Biometrics

Date Published
September 2011
Global Privacy and Information Quality Working Group (GPIQWG)
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This awareness primer is intended for administrators and policymakers who have the responsibility for overseeing the use of biometric technology. These individuals may be unaware of the major privacy and information quality issues that can arise at different points in the collection and use of information derived from biometric tools or how best to implement policies and procedures to avoid such risks. A highlight of this primer is the inclusion of two useful quick reference charts (or frameworks); one for privacy and one for information quality. These charts are designed to allow an agency considering biometric procedures to quickly gauge whether there is or will be a privacy or information quality risk and to determine where that risk falls within a spectrum low to high not just at the point of collection but throughout the entire agency biometric process. Additionally, the primer makes the case for privacy and information quality policies and procedures in the collection, sharing, and storage of biometrics; provides a synopsis of biometric technologies and their use in the justice system; summarizes biometric privacy and information quality issues; includes illustrative scenarios of biometric use; and contains guidance and a listing of resources for addressing these complex issues.

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