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Program Performance Report: Smart Policing Initiative (SPI) Grant Program, January-September 2012

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Stephen Fender
Date Published
September 2012
7 pages
This Program Performance Report is based on three quarters (January 2012 - September 2012) of self-reported grantee program data for the Smart Policing Initiative (SPI) Grant Program, which provides financial and technical assistance to police departments in order to assist them in identifying and developing effective tactics for countering specific crime problems in ways proven effective by data analysis and evaluation research.
The data on grantees' activities during these three quarters indicate they are complying with performance measures specified in the SPI Program. Grantees continued to develop and revise their SPI objectives based on analysis. Thirty-five objectives were developed, revised, or reprioritized. This shows grantee commitment to improvement based on data analysis, and it also confirms that programs continued to evolve based on performance measures. Grantees increased or updated 102 policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs), which indicates that grantees are incorporating evidence-based techniques into their operations. Across reporting periods, 58 percent of grantees conducted after-action meetings in order to debrief participants on the implementation and effectiveness of specific interventions. In addition, grantees consistently demonstrated the use of data analysis during the development or revision of tactical plans. A number of different data sources were used in analyses, including arrest reports, calls for service, community data, police incident reports, and juvenile data. The collection and analysis of such data reflect the evidence-based approach to policing emphasized in the SPI Program. New data sources were used by 31 percent of grantees during the reporting period. Data sources used included departmental best-practice surveys, geographic information systems, census data, community surveys, hotspots analysis, and patrol officer surveys. 6 figures and appended data by grantee for January-September 2012

Date Published: September 1, 2012