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Promoting Safety in Schools: International Experience and Action

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Margaret Shaw
Date Published
August 2001
68 pages
Publication Series
Written for school principals, superintendents, administrators, boards of governors, school-parent bodies, and others in leadership positions, this federally funded study presented information on school safety trends, policies, and projects from various countries around the world.
The concern with school violence and school safety is a concern seen throughout the world, from Australia to France to the United Kingdom. As a result of violent and tragic events occurring both in and outside the school community; in elementary, middle, and high schools; in urban, suburban, and rural communities; among young children and teenagers; and both pupils and staff, policies and programs were created to protect students and prevent the occurrence of other tragedies. School safety is having plans in place to prevent crises and deal with the ones that arise. This monograph funded under the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance discussed the range of approaches being developed and adapted in different countries focused on school safety. The approaches not only address aggressive and violent incidents but health-related issues. They look at and consider the roles and needs of individual pupils, teachers, support staff, administrators, school operations, families, and the community around the schools. They use a community-based approach to promote school safety. Many countries were using comprehensive, whole-school projects that involve a wider range of professionals. The monograph presented comprehensive information on school safety problems and trends, international developments, critical elements of a comprehensive approach to school safety, and examples of current school safety projects using multiple methods and partnerships from South Africa, France, England, Wales, Germany, Sweden, Connecticut, the United States, and Canada. References and resources

Date Published: August 1, 2001