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Recovering Lives, Uncovering Hope (Video)

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This video profiles juvenile drug courts in Jacksonville, FL; Missoula, MO; Las Cruces, NM; and San Francisco, CA.
The common features of the four juvenile drug courts are treatment-oriented case management, multidisciplinary management and monitoring of each youth's treatment plan and progress, consequences for failure to comply with treatment plans, and the structuring of positive activities and supervision for drug court participants. The video format for presenting each drug court program includes portrayals of the court's activities both within and outside the courtroom and comments on the values of the program by court staff, the youth involved, and youths' parents. In addition to drug-focused treatment programs, the Jacksonville drug court structures positive recreational and work activities for drug court participants. Police officers as well as representatives of community organizations and businesses are involved in the variety of activities structured for the youth. The Missoula drug court also structures positive activities for the youth involved in the drug court program, including a writing program and a wilderness program that includes rock climbing. The Las Cruces drug court has intensive supervision for participants, including random home visits, curfew checks, and the monitoring of school performance. The San Francisco drug court features on-site drug treatment and alternative school facilities, which improves attendance and accessibility for drug court activities.

Date Published: January 1, 2003