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Report of the National Summit on Justice Reinvestment and Public Safety: Addressing Recidivism, Crime, and Corrections Spending

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Marshall Clement; Matthew Schwarzfeld; Michael Thompson
Date Published
January 2011
98 pages
This report summarizes the remarks, research, and case studies highlighted during the 2010 National Summit on Justice Reinvestment and Public.
The Council of State Governments Justice Center and partner organizations convened Safety on January 27, 2010, in Washington, DC to discuss data-driven, fiscally responsible policies and practices that increase public safety and reduce recidivism and spending on corrections. Chapter 1 provides an overview of the challenges facing American corrections. The number of individuals incarcerated or under supervision is high, and States generally bear excessive costs related to this population. Despite the money expended, many States' problems of incarceration and recidivism getting worse, not better. However, policymakers with data-driven research from their specific States are better equipped to make decisions that are both cost effective and enhance public safety. Chapter 2 describes important principles in creating cost effective corrections policies and programs. This starts with identifying those individuals who are likely to pose the greatest risk to public safety. Using the appropriate risk assessment tools, criminal justice practitioners can better to evaluate individuals who are incarcerated or under community supervision and target those most likely to reoffend. Examples of effective policies, practices, and programs are provided in this section. Chapter 3 presents case studies of statewide efforts in applying the justice reinvestment approach. The process of implementing the approach is outlined, beginning with data analysis, followed by adopting policies and enacting strategies, and ending with performance measurement. Four States that adopted the justice reinvestment approach are highlighted: Texas, Kansas, Arizona, and New Hampshire. Each case study underscores how the approach can be implemented and adapted to suit the specific State's needs. Chapter 4 concludes with a snapshot of useful national resources. Notes and appendixes

Date Published: January 1, 2011