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Responding to Hate Crimes: A Roll Call Training Video for Police Officers

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This video is a roll call training package to assist police officers in dealing with hate crimes, including Indicators, Response, and Community Impact.
The video describes the characteristics of a hate incident and a hate crime and how to distinguish between the two. Indicators to consider when deciding whether an incident may be hate-related include whether the incident would have occurred if the victim and perpetrator had been from the same group and whether the perpetrator used language that indicated bias. The video then describes how first responders can set the tone for investigation of an incident and addresses what first responders can and should do: carefully gather eyewitness testimony, maintain a non-judgmental attitude and display compassion for the victim and for the community. In addition, officers should interrogate suspects, collect and photograph evidence, and provide a point of contact for victim services. Hate crimes affect not just the immediate victim but the community as well, and the video examines strategies for helping communities cope with the trauma. Police departments must be attuned to the depth and seriousness of hate crimes in their area, and the video tells how to enlist community support and cooperation through strong community relations practices.

Date Published: January 1, 1999