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Second Look at Alleviating Jail Crowding: A Systems Perspective

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Date Published
October 2000
119 pages
Publication Series
This report documents how system officials have responded to the challenges of the past 15 years to minimize jail crowding.
The monograph discusses individual participants--law enforcement, jail administration, prosecution, pretrial services, judiciary, defense, probation and parole and extra-system personnel--and the role each has been playing in alleviating crowding. The report describes changes since 1985; two dimensions of jail use; admissions and length of confinement; and criminal justice decision points and options. Information needs for a systemwide strategy include case-processing information, jail population information, methods for gathering information, and information analysis. To aid in systemwide planning to alleviate and prevent jail crowding, the report describes process and program changes and includes a strategy implementation checklist. In addition, the report presents a flowchart of a typical adult criminal justice system, identifies types of information needed to determine when a jail is crowded and discusses factors to consider when implementing strategies to address jail population pressures. Figures, notes, appendixes

Date Published: October 1, 2000