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Sexual Assault Unit Assessment Report: Fayetteville Police Department (NC)

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Date Published
February 2018
55 pages
This report presents the findings of the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative's Training and Technical Assistance (SAKI TTA) Sexual Assault Unit's (SAU's) assessment of the Fayetteville Police Department (FPD) in North Carolina, which consisted of a review of the sexual assault investigative process within and outside of FPD's domain.
The assessment was conducted by SAKI TTA staff, which has significant experience in sexual assault investigations, both as supervisors and as investigators of cold case sexual assaults. The assessment procedure consisted of a review of sexual assault policies and procedures; in-person interviews with key staff, including all sexual assault investigators; and a systematic review of sexual assault cases and their processing. The assessment concluded that the FPD has demonstrated commitment and leadership in establishing effective processes for responding to sexual assaults, including engaging with victims and working with multidisciplinary partners. It has been transparent with the community about its efforts to address the backlog of sexual assault kits (SAKs) yet to be submitted for testing. Recommendations for improvement include clarification of roles and responsibilities for the initial response to a sexual assault; the use of victim advocates consistently and effectively; the identification of opportunities for investigative follow-up during supervisory case review; ensurance that adequate staffing and resources are available to address the volume of sexual assault cases; implementation of a comprehensive training program for sexual assault response; the development and implementation of quality-control procedures; regular assessment of the effectiveness of responses to sexual assault cases; and working to enact needed change at the local and state levels, in cooperation with multidisciplinary partners. 1 table and appended database variables and definitions and an interview guide

Date Published: February 1, 2018