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State Identification: Reentry Strategies for State and Local Leaders

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April 2016
2 pages
This paper proposes a way for inmates about to be released from prison or jail to obtain a State identification card, which is usually necessary for obtaining housing and employment, two important components of successful reentry.
Issuing State identification card while a person is still incarcerated is the most effective model in support of successful reentry. Enacting legislation to ensure that corrections-issued identification may be exchanged for State-issued identification may provide a lower cost solution, as there would likely be no additional production or staff time costs. In order to promote cooperation between State and local agencies to ensure that corrections-issued identification will be accepted as a primary proof of identification by State Divisions of Motor Vehicles, it is necessary to have additional regulations or memorandums of understanding that specify how the agencies will cooperate with one another; however, allowing the State department of corrections to issue identification cards within a facility may require the use of new hardware and software if a faster, more efficient automated system is desired. 13 notes

Date Published: April 1, 2016