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Summary of Proceedings: Bureau of Justice Assistance 1999 National Partnership Meeting: Working Together for Peace and Justice in the 21st Century

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This report summarizes a 1999 conference sponsored by the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance; more than 200 speakers, 56 workshops and plenary sessions, and more than 1,100 participants focused on accomplishments in crime control and crime prevention, as well as criminal justice programs, innovations, issues, and trends.
The 3-day conference had 3 themes: (1) community partnerships for justice, (2) the creation of system balance, and (3) the development of a comprehensive justice system. Individual workshops focused on community justice; the role of youth in community justice; power sharing between police, the courts, and the community; community justice in rural areas; community policing; restorative justice; community service programs; children of inmates; integrated justice information systems; community courts; and tribal justice. Additional workshops examined criminal justice system responses to hate crimes, minority overrepresentation in the criminal justice system, mentally ill offenders, juvenile court waiver, indigent defense, sex offender registration and notification, cultural barriers in criminal justice, community-based corrections, and female juvenile delinquency. Further workshops focused on offender drug treatment, expansion of the concept of sanctions to increase offender accountability and public safety, methods of measuring program effectiveness, and responses to computer-related crime and terrorism. Other workshops discussed juvenile gangs, drug abuse, multijurisdictional tasks forces, victims and offenders, and the management of offender reintegration into the community. Transcripts of keynote speeches, speaker biographies, and speaker contact information

Date Published: January 1, 1999