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Terrorist Screening Center Encounter Information (TSCEI) Service Specification, Version 1.0

Date Published
April 2012
Global Standards Council
Publication Series
Publication Type
Technical Assistance

This service will be used by state or U.S. government territory designated fusion centers to receive information regarding positive encounters from TSC. The encounter information received by state or U.S. government territory designated fusion centers will be limited to Positive Encounters resulting from the hits by local law enforcement agencies on an extract of the Terrorist Watchlist. The extract of the Terrorist Watchlist used to identify law enforcement hits is the Known or Suspected Terrorist File (KST) maintained by the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). The service will also be used by TSC to send any changes of status or updates related to Positive Encounter Information to the state or U.S. government designated fusion centers.

NOTE:  To fully review the purpose, scope, capability offered and real-world effect(s) this service specification intends to address, we invite your full review of the associated Service Description Document (SDD).  It can be located by first downloading the service specification zip file on this webpage followed by navigating to the “artifacts” folder.  There you’ll discover the corresponding SDD for this service. 

Date Created: February 16, 2021