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Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: The Policies and Procedures Guide

NCJ Number
Pat Sekaquaptewa; Lauren van Schilfgaarde
Date Published
November 2015
365 pages
This guide aims to assist Native American tribes in developing and improving their own policies and procedures manual for Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts.
Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts, also known as drug courts, have proliferated within Indian country during the last two decades. With Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts, the drug court model has been adapted for tribes so as to incorporate the diversity of cultures, languages, needs, governance structures, and laws. A Tribal Health to Wellness Court integrates substance abuse treatment with the criminal justice system to provide substance-abusing offenders judicially supervised treatment and transitional services through the use of intense supervision, sanctions and incentives, and drug testing in a non-punitive setting. By documenting the structure and procedures of the Wellness Court, a policies and procedures manual assists in guiding and maintaining the court according to court policies and procedures that have proven effective in achieving intended goals. The policies and procedures manual addresses the court's authority, structure, and processes; and it serves as a guide to team members by outlining the expectations and requirements for court participants. This guide for developing such a manual defines the basic elements of the manual and provides examples from existing Wellness Courts.

Date Published: November 1, 2015