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Voices: Juvenile Drug Court Program State of New Mexico Third Judicial District Court (Video)

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This videotape describes and discusses the benefits and success of the Juvenile Drug Court Program in Las Cruces, NM.
Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) Programs are establishing themselves across the Nation and are identified as a total wraparound service with police, counseling, parenting groups, and surveillance officers cooperating together to provide almost total supervision in an attempt to reduce the cycle of crime. This videotape presents program participants, staff members, and parents of participants of the La Cruces, NM, Juvenile Drug Court Program and their thoughts on the success of the Program. The program is a community approach which holds juveniles accountable for their actions, gives them the opportunity to succeed in society and the tools to be successful, combines efforts within the criminal justice system to provide a holistic approach, and teaches juveniles about boundaries and accountability with swift consequences. The primary component of the juvenile drug court is the people who deal with kids on a daily basis while in the program. Additional components to the program include: (1) a 12-week parenting program; (2) community service; (3) physical training initiative offered through the law enforcement agency; and (4) counseling and mentoring. Requirements of the program entail participating in the 9-month program, remaining clean and sober, completing all 12 steps of the MRT program, and continuing on an education track. JDC programs are about transformation, transformation of self-concept, relationships, education, and more. Seen as a value and investment in the future, the JDC programs are becoming an institution of the judicial process, a social type of institution.

Date Published: January 1, 2000