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What is a Crime Gun Intelligence Center? Overview for Local Law Enforcement

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June 2019
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After defining the primary objective of a Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC), this paper outlines its seven essential program elements.
The primary objective of a CGIC is to quickly identify armed violent offenders for investigation and prosecution, using crime-gun evidence such as cartridge casings. The primary targets of CGIC efforts are serial shooters, i.e., those select individuals who are committing the disproportionate amount of gun crime in a community. The seven essential elements of an effective CGIC are 1) the comprehensive collection of cartridge casings and crime guns (ATF's Comprehensive Evidence Collection); 2) National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN) entry/correlation and crime gun tracing (ATF's timely turnaround); 3) crime gun intelligence analysis (timely turnaround); 4) NIBIN lead/hit assignment and analysis (investigative follow-up and prosecution); 5) law enforcement and prosecution collaboration and offender arrest (investigative follow-up and prosecution); 6) state or federal prosecution (investigative follow-up and prosecution); and 7) CGIC feedback to process participants (feedback loop).

Date Published: June 1, 2019