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BWV On Duty Trailer

Trailer to the Hampshire Police 'BWV On Duty' best practice film.

Produced by Goodguy Productions on behalf of Hampshire Police

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BWV On-Duty Trailer

Hampshire Constabulary

Officer: I’m a single [inaudible] officer. And I’m going in response to a domestic in progress.

[rhythmic music]

Camera facing front and center.

Male Subject:    No, no, no, no, you can’t film me. You can’t film me without my permission.

Officer: I’m lawfully allowed to record you while I carry out my duty.

[rhythmic music]

[to camera] …broken bottles, things been tipped over…

[rhythmic music]

Hello, it’s the police.

[rhythmic music]

Male Subject:    It’s ridiculous. We had an argument, that’s all. Doing this on purpose.

[rhythmic music]

Date Created: July 30, 2020