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Register for PSN Webinar on Creating Targeted Offender Lists

Register to participate in the February 19, 2020, Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) webinar on Targeting Offenders and Creating Targeted Offender Lists.

During the webinar, join researchers and experienced law enforcement professionals for an interactive panel discussion on strategies for identifying prolific violent offenders and maintaining targeted offender lists. The webinar will go beyond the basics of developing and implementing a priority offender list; panelists will discuss questions related to implementation, such as:

  • How can agencies ensure that offender lists are legally justifiable?
  • What are effective strategies for working with local community leaders on offender identification programs?
  • How can agencies use multiple data sources most effectively to inform offender identification strategies?
  • How can agencies work effectively with a research partner to expand data analysis capacity to identify offenders?
  • How can agencies ensure sufficient leadership buy-in to maintain sustainability?

 Learn more about and register to participate in this event.

Date Published: February 4, 2020