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Building Hope for Youth in Crisis

Success Spotlight

This story is associated with a fiscal year 2022 award made to Four Corners Group through the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program. The grant award amount was between $0 and $100,000.

About the Program

Four Corners Group is a youth leadership program that seeks to restore hope to youth in crisis by providing pathways to a thriving adulthood. They do this through character-building encounters and experiences with the students, and through the media of music and music production.

Program Successes and Effect on the Community

During a Four Corners Group visit inside a regional youth detention center, the team had the opportunity to spend time with nine young men. After the session, one of the young men shared his drug addiction with the team and explained that he wanted to make a change. The team had an opportunity to talk with him, and the other eight young men, about ways that they could change how they saw the world in order to make different—and better—choices. We hope that more encounters like this will give these young men hope and encouragement to decide to do things differently once they return to their communities.

Learn More

Visit the Four Corners Group website to learn more about the program featured in this story. See the JAG section of our site for information about the BJA program through which funding was provided.

If your agency, organization, or community has been positively impacted by BJA funding, let us know.

Date Published: April 7, 2023