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Deputy Daniel Reyes

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, California

On January 11, 2011, while on patrol, Deputies Daniel Reyes and Mohamed Ahmed saw a white compact car parked along a red curb. They stopped alongside and Deputy Ahmed asked the driver why she was parked there. Deputy Reyes noticed a male sitting in the front passenger seat and decided to contact him. He advised Deputy Ahmed to contact the driver while he contacted the passenger. As Deputy Reyes approached the open passenger window, he recognized the male as a "Lott 13" gang member with the moniker of "Husky." The subject appeared nervous and began fidgeting around in his seat.

As the subject started moving around he reached for his pants pocket and center console of the car. Deputy Reyes opened the car door and ordered the subject to get out. As the subject stepped out he turned his back toward Deputy Reyes. He then pushed his body backward then began to run. Deputy Reyes was able to grab the subject’s jacket and both fell to the ground near the front of the vehicle.

At that moment, Deputy Ahmed, who was seated in the police vehicle, realized that he had lost sight of Deputy Reyes. He quickly got out of the car and saw Deputy Reyes on the ground struggling with the subject. He ran to assist Deputy Reyes, and was almost immediately shot and disabled by the subject, who unbeknown to both deputies was grasping a handgun.

Deputy Reyes, believing that the subject had just shot and killed his partner, saw the subject then turn toward him, holding a handgun. He was able to grab the gun's muzzle and tried to push it away as they both struggled over the weapon. Deputy Reyes continued to struggle with the subject and was eventually able to twist the gun away from his body as two additional shots were fired. Deputy Reyes was ultimately able to remove his service weapon and fired two rounds killing the subject. He was then able to call for assistance for Deputy Ahmed. Deputy Ahmed survived his wounds.

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