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Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Patrick James, Deputy U.S. Marshals Theodore Abegg, Travis Franke, Nicholas Garrett, Jeremy Wyatt, and Fallen Deputy U.S. Marshal John Perry, U.S. Marshals Service

Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery

On March 8, 2011, members of a U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force were engaged in an effort to apprehend a fugitive in St. Louis, Missouri. U.S. Marshals Service Task Force Officer Anna Kimble of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) was assigned as the lead investigator, and along with fellow Task Force Officer William Jeff Helbling from SLMPD, was joined in the arrest attempt by Deputy U.S. Marshals Ted Abegg, Travis Franke, Melissa Duffy, Shawn Jackson, Nicolas Garrett, John Perry, Jeremy Wyatt, and Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Patrick James.

As the task force members approached the address, they observed a male fitting the fugitive's description and looking out a window. The officers and deputies secured a perimeter, knocked, and announced "police." The door was answered by two children. Task force members asked the children if anyone else was in the building and one of the children replied there were not. Leaving the door opened and announcing "police," the officers and deputies removed the children from the residence and entered using a ballistic shield.

With Deputy Garrett using the ballistic shield and Team Leader Deputy Perry in a cover position, task force members entered the second floor from a staircase in the back of the residence. Once at the top of the staircase, task force members were fired upon by the fugitive. Deputy Perry returned fire and he and Officer Helbling were struck immediately by gunfire. While other task force members returned fire, Supervisory Deputy James contacted Officer Kimble to report the shootings over the SLMPD radio system.

With Deputy Perry and Officer Helbling wounded, Supervisory Deputy James called for Deputy Abegg, a trained tactical medic, to assist, as Deputy Garrett continued to exchange gunfire with the assailant. Deputies Abegg and Franke entered the residence from their perimeter positions. Deputy Abegg entered the residence and was told by Supervisory Deputy James that he would form a rescue party to retrieve Deputy Perry who was wounded at the top of the stairs. In an effort to rescue Deputy Perry, Deputies Garrett and Abegg joined together side-by-side with ballistic shields. Deputies Franke and Wyatt, along with Supervisory Deputy James, followed closely behind.

With complete disregard for their own safety, the deputies attempted to rescue Perry while exchanging gun fire with and advancing toward the assailant. During the advance, Deputy Abegg was shot in the leg. Once task force members reached Deputy Perry, Supervisory Deputy James pulled Deputy Perry down the stairs while Deputies Franke, Garrett, and Abegg continued to exchange gunfire with the assailant. Deputies Franke, Garrett, and Abegg were able to disable the assailant.

Deputies Jackson and Franke continued to provide protective cover, while Deputy Abegg who was wounded, and Deputy Garrett, who was out of ammunition, both withdrew. Deputy Abegg was able to apply a tourniquet to his own leg, with the assistance of Deputy Garrett. Deputy Duffy administered first aid to Officer Helbling for his gunshot wounds and Deputy Abegg administered first aid to Deputy Perry. Although wounded, Deputy Abegg assisted the other deputies in carrying Deputy Perry to a waiting ambulance. All the wounded task force members were transported to the hospital for treatment where Deputy Perry succumbed to his wounds.

Media Advisory: McCaskill, Durbin, Wagner, Enyart to Award Congressional Badge of Bravery to Local Missouri, Illinois Law Enforcement Officials

A group of people standing together in a row at the Badge of Bravery awards ceremony
U.S. Marshal William Sibert, Senator Claire McCaskill, Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Patrick James, Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeremy Wyatt, Deputy U.S. Marshal Theodore 'Ted' Abegg, Ms. Pam Roberts (mother of Fallen Deputy U.S. Marshal John Perry), Deputy U.S. Marshal Nicholas Garrett, Deputy U.S. Marshal Travis Franke, Congressman Bill Enyart, U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan, and Senator Dick Durbin