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Deputy Krista McDonald, Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, Washington

Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery

On January 23, 2011, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office was given information on the location of a possibly armed suspect, accompanied by an underage female runaway who was reported as missing from Utah. Deputies John Stacy and Andrew Ejde approached the suspect and the 13-year-old female as they sat outside the entrance to a Walmart store in Port Orchard, Washington. The deputies were assisted by Deputy Krista McDonald, who had responded as an additional back up.

The suspect refused to identify himself, and attempted to run from the location. Deputy Stacy tried to grab the suspect but missed and fell. Deputy Ejde ran after the suspect as he attempted to flee across the street and into the parking lot. Halfway across the roadway, the suspect drew a semi-automatic handgun, turned, and fired multiple shots. He struck Deputy Ejde twice, in the left shoulder and right arm. Deputy Ejde fell down into a raised flowerbed. By this time, Deputy Stacy had regained his footing and was running after the suspect. The suspect then shot and wounded Deputy Stacy in the right shoulder, causing him to fall to the asphalt.

Deputy McDonald began firing at the suspect from her position at her patrol vehicle, approximately 90–100 feet away. The suspect then directed his attention toward Deputy McDonald as she started to move toward her two downed colleagues. The suspect continued to fire at the deputies.

Advancing toward the suspect without benefit of protective cover, Deputy McDonald stayed in the gunfight and returned fire. The suspect was struck in the left leg and dropped to the pavement where he continued to fire on the deputies. By this time Deputy McDonald had moved to within 60 feet of the suspect, placing herself in the line of fire to distract him.

The young girl, witnessing the gun fire, ran over to the suspect. As she approached, she was shot by the suspect and mortally wounded. Moments later, the suspect committed suicide when he turned his handgun on himself.

Award Presentation
The 2011 Congressional Badge of Bravery and Attorney General’s Certificate were privately presented to Deputy Krista McDonald by Sheriff Dennis Bonneville in February 2014.