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Officer Anna Carrizales

Stafford Police Department, Texas

On October 26, 2013, Officer Anna Carrizales approached a suspicious vehicle occupied by three males that was stopped at a green light in a moving lane of traffic in Stafford, Texas. As she approached the vehicle and began speaking to the driver, the male in the front passenger seat pulled out a gun and shot her twice—once in the face and once in the chest. The gunshot to her face ricochet off her cheek bone, exited her cheek, and almost severed her ear lobe. The gunshot to her chest was stopped by her bulletproof vest but was fired at such a close range that it punctured a hole in her left breast. The suspects then fled in the vehicle.
Despite the horrific assault and serious wounds, Officer Carrizales had the presence of mind to fire four shots at the fleeing suspects. She then returned to her patrol car and pursued the suspects, all the while giving clear information to the dispatcher about her condition, the suspect’s direction of travel, and situational awareness for responding officers. The pursuit ended at an apartment complex in Houston, where the three suspects abandoned their vehicle. Officer Carrizales was right behind them.

Officer Carrizales’ incredible bravery and concern for her community drove her to lead fellow officers to the suspects. She assisted in the arrest of one of the suspects—the shooter—in the apartment complex that morning. The remaining two were arrested within 48 hours.

Two people standing together at the Badge of Bravery awards ceremony, holding an award plaque, and smiling at the camera
An officer being presented with a Badge of Bravery award
An officer being presented with a Badge of Bravery award