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Fallen Officer Rod Lee Bradway

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indiana

On September 20, 2013, Officer Rod Lee Bradway responded to a 911 call for help. He arrived on scene and heard a screaming female behind a locked door. The female and a young child were being held at gunpoint. Without hesitation or concern for his safety, Officer Bradway kicked in the door to save the life of the female and baby.

Officer Bradway was fatally wounded by the armed man moments after entering the residence. A bullet had struck Officer Bradway, damaging both lungs and severing his aorta and pulmonary artery. Despite his fatal injury, Officer Bradway used the last few seconds of his life to continue to fight heroically, putting himself directly in harm’s way to protect the life of the female and her baby.

As he lay on the ground fighting for his life, the suspect shot at him another six times. With these fatal wounds and against devastating odds, Officer Bradway still returned fire eight times. The suspect was struck seven times, with three being fatal hits. Officer Bradway’s bravery saved the life of a mother and young child.  

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