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Detective Travis Lloyd and Officer Sean Drew, Denver Police Department, Colorado

2018 State and Local Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery Recipients

On June 13, 2018, a 7-Eleven cashier in Denver, Colorado, stepped outside on a break and was confronted by a subject who asked to enter the store. The cashier explained that he would have to wait until he finished his break. The subject then walked past the cashier and entered the store. The cashier followed the subject into the store and repeatedly asked him to wait outside. He then saw that the subject was holding a handgun and had pulled a large capacity ammunition magazine from his pocket to insert it into the handgun.

The cashier ran from the store, and as he did so, he spotted a Denver Police vehicle operated by Detective Travis Lloyd and Officer Sean Drew. The cashier flagged down the officers and explained the actions of the armed suspect in the 7-Eleven. Both officers immediately ran toward the store and saw the suspect exiting it holding a cash register. Officer Lloyd, with limited cover, continued to run toward the suspect. As he closed the distance, the suspect who was fleeing eastbound on East Colfax Avenue, turned toward Officer Lloyd and fired numerous shots, striking Officer Lloyd in the upper right leg. Officer Lloyd immediately returned fire at the suspect as he moved to cover in the 7-Eleven doorway.

As the suspect fired gunshots in the direction of both Officers Lloyd and Drew, Officer Drew realized he had an innocent bystander in his line of fire and used great restraint to not fire his weapon and moved to cover. The suspect was eventually struck by return fire, fell to the ground, and both officers held him at gun point. But Officer Drew saw the gunshot wound in Officer Lloyd’s leg and quickly placed a tourniquet on it while Officer Lloyd kept the suspect at gun point on the ground. Other officers responded to the scene and were able to successfully place the suspect into custody. Officer Lloyd then noticed a gunshot victim behind him, and although wounded himself, he ran to the victim and began to give instructions to citizens who were providing aid.

Throughout this incident, both Officers Lloyd and Drew acted bravely and decisively, at great personal risk, to quickly apprehend the violent suspect. During the rapidly unfolding event, they effectively communicated to other responding officers, worked to minimize the risk to other citizens in the area, and coordinated their actions as Officer Lloyd contained the wounded suspect while Officer Drew provided emergency medical care to Officer Lloyd.

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