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Center for Research Partnerships and Program Evaluation (CRPPE)

Featured Resources

Data and Statistics

American Sociological Association - Data About the Discipline
Association for Institutional Research
Search for Social Science Data on the Net
University of Michigan Statistical Resources on the Web

Data Sources

Census Bureau
Centers for Disease Control
ChildStats.gov: Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics
InterUniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research Data Archives
Library of Congress, Federal Research Division, Country Studies
National Center for Education Statistics
National Science Foundation, Science Resources Statistics
Population Index on the Web at Princeton
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
SDA: Survey Document and Analysis Data Archives
University of North Carolina Odum Archive
World Factbook

Evaluation Associations

American Evaluation Association
Canadian Evaluation Society
European Evaluation Society
National Council on Measurement in Education
Oregon Program Evaluators Network
UK Evaluation Society

Journals and Online Publications

Evaluation and Program Planning
MandE (Monitoring and Evaluation) NEWS
Studies in Educational Evaluation

Online Documents

Individual Evaluation How-To Documents

Community Toolbox, University of Kansas
NSF's User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed-Method Evaluation

Sites with Multiple Evaluation How-To Documents

American Institutes for Research
CDC Evaluation Working Group
Free Management Library: Evaluations and Research Methods
HIV InSite: Evaluating HIV Prevention Programs
Human Services Research Institute Evaluation Center
The Measurement Group: Program Evaluation
Washington State Institute for Public Policy

Libraries and Document Repositories

Education Policy Analysis Archives
Center for Electronic Records
Government Printing Office
Internet Public Library
Library of Congress Online Catalog
National Archives and Records Administration
Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series
ProQuest Digital Dissertations

State Agency Contacts

State Administering Agencies (SAAs)
Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs)

University-Affiliated Research/Evaluation Centers

Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown University
Center for Earth Science Information Network, Columbia University
Centre for Health Economics, University of York
Center for Prevention Research & Development, University of Illinois
Consortium for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation (CREATE), University of North Carolina Wilmington
CRESST (National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing), UCLA
Institute for Social Research, York University
International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Social Science Research Center, Mississippi State University
UW Extension, Program Development & Evaluation Unit

Date Created: December 9, 2019