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Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor

Peter Lamelas, MD, MBA

Peter Lamelas, MD, MBA is a physician, entrepreneur and founder of MD Now Urgent Care, the leading provider of Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine in Florida. He has served in every role, including CEO, Executive Chairman, Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director. Residency trained in Internal Medicine, he is certified in Emergency Medicine and has over 20 years of ER experience, including 17 years as an Emergency Department Medical Director and EMS Medical Director for Riviera Beach Fire Rescue, as well as the Medical Director of the West Palm Beach Fire Department Pension Board. He has been on staff at various hospital emergency departments in South Florida.

He has been a long-standing member of the American College of Emergency Physicians, as well as the Florida Medical Association, Urgent Care Association, Urgent Care College of Physicians and has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine. He is a founding member and past President of the American College of Correctional Physicians.

He has been twice elected to the Urgent Care Association Board of Directors and has served as Chairman of the UCA Legislative Committee. As a member of the UCA Certification and Accreditation Committee, he was instrumental in the development of its certification and accreditation criteria.

In 2001, he received an appointment from the Governor of Florida to serve on the State of Florida Board of Medicine where he was Chairman of the Rules and Legislative Committee, Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee and was elected as the Vice Chair of the Board. He has also served his community as a Member of the Town Commission for the Town of Manalapan in Florida.

After realizing his lifelong dream of building, owning, and operating MD Now Urgent Care, Florida's largest chain of urgent care centers, he recently sold his company. He is now semi-retired and lives with his wife Stephanie in South Florida.

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Date Published: January 29, 2021