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Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor

Shon Buford

San Francisco Firefighters - Local 798

Shon Buford is a 28-year veteran of the San Francisco Fire Department who currently serves as President of San Francisco Firefighters Local 798. Shon has served in various leadership positions within Local 798 starting as a Station Steward in 2001. He was first elected as a Director on the Board in 2005, then elected to serve as the Treasurer in 2011, and finally as the President of Local 798 in 2019, which is the position that he holds today. President Buford is the first black President in the history of San Francisco Firefighters Local 798.

In 2007, Shon became a member of the San Francisco Fire Department’s Rescue Squad 2, one of only two Heavy Rescue Units in the Department. He was Promoted to Lieutenant in 2012, and Captain in 2018. Shon has been on the forefront of protecting members by effectively influencing the political landscape through his work on various campaigns. He has also been a key leader in the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program, delivering toys to hundreds of thousands of underserved children in the Bay Area. He recently received his Bachelors-of-Arts in Management from the University of San Francisco in May 2017. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Julia and their young daughter.

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Date Published: February 24, 2021