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National Officer Safety Initiatives

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Justice Department Awards Over $62 Million to Support Health and Safety of Law Enforcement Officers
October 25, 2019
Learn about awards made through programs such as the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program, VALOR Initiative, Body-Worn Camera Program, and more in a recent fact sheet.

Breaking the Stigma of Law Enforcement Suicide
April 30, 2019
BJA has partnered with the International Association of Chiefs of Police to launch the National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide, a groundbreaking new initiative to raise awareness of the systemic barriers to mental health and prevent deaths by suicide among law enforcement officers.

VALOR Program Promotes Officer Safety and Wellness
January 29, 2019
More than 6,000 law enforcement agencies and 51,000 officers across all 50 states have participated in VALOR programming since 2010. Learn more and see how VALOR has helped personnel in Tennessee and nationwide.

NIJ Examines Ways to Improve Officer Safety in Vehicles and on Roadways
November 29, 2018
The Office of Justice Programs' National Institute of Justice (NIJ) published an article examining the results of two projects: one that studied the circumstances behind law enforcement line-of-duty deaths in vehicle crashes and roadside incidents and a second report that conducted an evaluation of an enhanced vehicle safety program. The research is the result of a 10-year collaboration between NIJ and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which seeks ways to improve officer safety on the roadways.

BJA's VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Program Trains Over 50,000 Officers
November 20, 2018
The VALOR Program, the flagship program of the VALOR Initiative, provides training and technical assistance at no cost to state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies upon request. Its core curriculum focuses on four challenges to officer wellness, identified through research: suicide prevention, vehicle-related injuries and deaths, assaults against officers, and job-related stress.

FY 2018 Grant Awards

  1. National Consortium on Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide
  2. National Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Program
  3. Supporting the Blue Public Awareness and Education Campaign
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