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National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI)

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Justice Department Awards More Than $210 Million to Support Forensic Science
This December 23, 2021, Department of Justice press release highlights fiscal year 2021 awards made through various Bureau of Justice Assistance programs, including the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative program.

BJA’s SAKI Program Solves 36-Year-Old Sexual Assault Cold Case, Bringing Long-Sought Justice to the Victim
This September 2021 blog post highlights the impact that Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Program funding has had on cold cases and providing closure to victims.

Justice Department Awards $45 Million to Support Testing, Tracking of Sexual Assault Kits
This October 2020 press release highlights awards made through the National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative and the Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence ‒ Inventory, Tracking and Reporting program. Also see the associated fact sheet for a complete list of individual grant programs, award amounts, and the jurisdictions that will receive funding.

Identifying Serial Sexual Offenders Through Cold Cases
In this Law Enforcement Bulletin article, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other personnel highlight how by prioritizing the testing of backlogged sexual assault kits, law enforcement agencies can gain new insights on both the cases in question and other connected incidents.

More than $376 Million in Awards to Promote Public Safety Announced
The Office of Justice Programs has awarded more than $376 million in grant funding to enhance state, local and tribal law enforcement operations and reinforce public safety efforts in jurisdictions across the United States. Several BJA programs are included in the announcement, including more than $252 million in Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program funding awards, $40 million in Sexual Assault Kit Initiative funding awards, and more. Read the December 2019 press release to learn more.

SAKI image showing Samuel Little drawings

Samuel Little: Confessions of a Killer
With 93 confessions of murder to date, learn about the efforts being taken by BJA, FBI, Texas Rangers, and state and local law enforcement agencies to help identify Samuel Little victims and bring justice to victims’ families. Learn more about America’s most prolific serial killer to date and access his drawings and video confessions.

Additional News:

Over 47,000 Kits Tested Through BJA's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative since 2015
Through the National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI), BJA has worked with 54 jurisdictions across 35 states to date to identify over 200,000 unsubmitted sexual assault kits and to test more than 47,000 of these.

DOJ BJA's Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Helps Bring Serial Killer Samuel Little to Justice
SAKI, an innovative BJA program that is helping law enforcement agencies nationwide test rape kits and close cold case sexual assaults and homicides, is one of the critical investigative tools that led authorities to believe Samuel Little may be the worst serial killer in American history, by enabling police across the country to corroborate at least 34 of Little's confessions.

'Looking backwards can tell us a whole lot about moving forward'
See how funding from BJA's SAKI program has impacted Cuyahoga County, Ohio's efforts to address evidence backlogs, prosecute offenders, and better serve victims.

BJA awards a total of $42,948,171 to 32 sites under FY 2018 SAKI grants
BJA is pleased to announce that 32 awards were made under FY2018 SAKI funding. Awards will cover a wide variety of activities including inventorying and testing sexual assault kits, investigations and prosecutions, victim support, and collection of lawfully owed DNA samples from offenders.

Date Modified: December 23, 2021
Date Created: August 13, 2015