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Sentinel Events Initiative


Since it was established in 2011, the Sentinel Events Initiative (SEI) has conducted a number of forums and stakeholder meetings, research activities, and pilot implementation projects to test and report on the approach.

Mending Justice

The September 2014 National Institute of Justice special report Mending Justice: Sentinel Event Reviews provides an in-depth overview to the sentinel event review approach. The report includes more than a dozen commentaries from leading criminal justice practitioners, researchers, and other experts regarding the implementation of sentinel events reviews in the criminal justice system.



Paving the Way

In 2014, SEI put out a call for jurisdictions across the country to volunteer for a beta test of the sentinel event review process. Through a competitive process, three cities were selected: Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Each site designed and conducted a review of a sentinel event. The report Paving the Way: Lessons Learned in Sentinel Event Reviews puts forward best practices and lessons learned from these three beta sites.



Stakeholder Forum

In June 2017, nearly 100 federal, state, and local criminal justice practitioners, researchers and academics, policymakers, crime survivors, community representatives, and others convened at the Sentinel Events Initiative All-Stakeholder Forum to discuss learning-from-error mechanisms in criminal justice. This report summarizes the key conclusions, recommendations, and considerations presented at the Forum.




The Sentinel Events Initiative bibliography was compiled by National Criminal Justice Reference Service librarian Scott Hertzberg, and includes close to 1,000 SEI-related academic articles, news pieces, and other resources, most with abstracts and links to the complete publications.

Date Created: December 10, 2019