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Swift, Certain, and Fair Supervision Program


Justice Department Awards More Than $110 Million to Support Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals
This December 22, 2021, Department of Justice press release highlights fiscal year 2021 awards made through various Bureau of Justice Assistance programs, including the Swift, Certain, and Fair Supervision Program: Applying the Principles Behind Project HOPE program and The HOPE Institute: Applying the Principles of Swiftness, Certainty, and Fairness Program.

Department of Justice Awards More than $92 Million to Support Offenders Returning to Communities
View a September 2020 Department of Justice press release and an Office of Justice Programs (OJP) fact sheet to learn about FY 2020 awards made by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and other OJP program offices to reduce recidivism among adult and juvenile offenders returning to their communities after confinement.

Date Modified: December 22, 2021
Date Created: February 26, 2018