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VALOR Initiative: Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability

Program Providers

The following entities are BJA VALOR Initiative providers. With close guidance and collaboration, BJA and these providers bring training and technical assistance to the field.

The VALOR Initiative
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VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Training and Technical Assistance Program (VALOR Program)

This training and technical assistance program delivers current, dynamic classroom and web-based trainings that focus on recognizing indicators of dangerous situations, applying diffusing techniques, implementing casualty care and rescue tactics, emphasizing professional policing standards, and improving wellness and resilience. Additional information on the program, online training, and other resources are available on the VALOR Program website.

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Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Training Program

The Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Training Program will develop and deliver a national training and technical assistance program focused on increasing awareness and prevention of law enforcement suicide. Training will be delivered to state, local, and tribal line officers, executives, and middle management at no cost to them and will include both in-person and online sessions.

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Destination Zero – Officer Safety and Wellness Recognition Program

This recognition and promising practices program promotes awareness and highlights innovative and promising safety and wellness programs that could serve as models for law enforcement agencies seeking to implement similar programs. Destination Zero also recognizes the agencies that created them. Additional information on the program is available on the Destination Zero program website.

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Law Enforcement Agency and Officer Resilience Training Program

This training and technical assistance program identifies, develops, implements, and analyzes the effectiveness of resiliency concepts and skills taught within a law enforcement agency. The goal is to build more resilient officers and agencies by enhancing knowledge and skills in resiliency concepts and practices to strengthen their resolve during and in the aftermath of events such as critical incidents, terrorist incidents, active shooter events, officer-involved shootings, line-of-duty deaths, and repeated exposure to traumatic events.

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Law Enforcement and Community: Crisis Intervention Training Model Program

This training and technical assistance program delivers the already-developed BJA crisis intervention training (CIT) model to law enforcement agencies, along with a suite of resources and technical assistance. The goal is to improve law enforcement's response and interaction with individuals with mental illness, thereby increasing officer and community safety.

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Officer Safety and Wellness Pilot Research and Evaluation Program

This research and evaluation program serves as a coordinated pilot program that will evaluate the impact of the entire suite of resources under the VALOR Initiative (see above listed programs) within three law enforcement agencies. Through this work, BJA plans to identify innovations and best practices, starting in FY 2017 that may be implemented to improve officer safety and wellness programs throughout the nation. Additional information is available on the Police Foundation website.

Date Created: December 18, 2019