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2021 Virtual National Forum: Overdose Fatality Review

Event Dates

This forum will be a collegial chance for those who participate in, lead, support, or are interested in Overdose Fatality Reviews (OFR) to convene and discuss the benefits (and challenges) of this initiative. Participants will connect directly with colleagues from different backgrounds to discuss relevant issues and trends, share ideas, exchange resources, and gain new skills to improve programs.

The event offers a mix of general interest plenary panel discussions, guided virtual discussions, and café sessions for informal, small-group meetings. Each day hosts content around a specific theme or activity of OFR:

  • February 16: National OFR Resources
  • February 17: OFR Recruitment and Participation
  • February 18: OFR Confidentiality and Information Sharing
  • February 23: OFR Experience in 2021
  • February 24: OFR Data and Recommendations
  • February 25: Bringing It All Together: Mock OFR

Date Created: February 16, 2021