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Advancing Successful Reintegration for Every Person: Reentry 2030 National Launch

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Reentry 2030 is a national initiative to achieve better and more equitable reentry and reintegration outcomes by engaging states to adopt public, ambitious goals that drive system change. This event brings together thought leaders from across the country who will discuss how states can better scale-up access to supports, clear away barriers to opportunities and economic mobility, and work to advance racial equity to better access services and have healthier outcomes for those exiting prison, by joining the Reentry 2030 movement.

Learn how, by aligning goals and tracking progress across states, Reentry 2030 will help amplify statewide efforts and build momentum, give states the opportunity to learn from each other in real-time as they work on similar goals, and ultimately see significant advances in reentry and reintegration on a national level by 2030.

Reentry 2030 is a partnership between the Correctional Leaders Association, the Council of State Governments Justice Center, and JustLeadershipUSA. The event and initiative are supported by Arnold Ventures, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance is supporting guidance to states towards their Reentry 2030 goals. Additional funding is provided by the Tow Foundation.

Date Created: April 7, 2022