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Award Management

BJA Forensic Grants 101
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The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is the Department of Justice agency dedicated to supporting forensic sciences by funding states, units of local government, and other forensic service providers to increase capacity and efficiency, improve services, obtain the necessary resources to meet workload demands, and ultimately better serve justice.

This presentation is part three of a three-part BJA Forensic Grants 101 series. Building upon the previous discussions involving a review of forensic grant programs managed at BJA and the initial steps involved in grant application and acceptance, attendees of this webinar will learn about the main life cycle of award management. This involves an overview of award condition compliance, performance reporting requirements, federal financial reporting requirements, grant award modifications, and the award closeout process.

Detailed Learning Objectives

  1. Attendees will learn about the main life cycle of grant management at BJA.
  2. Attendees will understand the award management basics including award condition compliance, reporting requirements, grant award modifications, and award closeout.
  3. Attendees will gain insight into the administrative, programmatic, and financial aspects of BJA grant administration requirements.


  • Mila Hago, M.P.A., State Policy Advisor, BJA

Date Created: February 24, 2022