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Best Practices In Implementing Peer Recovery Support Services In Law Enforcement Settings

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Peer recovery support services (PRSS) are increasingly offered across diverse community, criminal justice, and healthcare settings to address opioid, stimulant, and other substance use disorders. The power of PRSS comes from the lived experience of and unique roles peer providers play in promoting hope and pragmatic steps for change. Positive outcomes in peer programming result from the understanding and utilization of evidence-supported and best practices.

This session will explore the effective implementation of PRSS within two law enforcement deflection initiatives, located in Winthrop and Plymouth, Massachusetts.


  • Victoria Butler, Executive Director, Plymouth County Outreach, Plymouth, MA
  • Hannah Panteleos, Program Manager, Plymouth County Outreach, Plymouth, MA
  • Lieutenant Sarko Gergerian, Winthrop, MA, CLEAR Program
  • Chip McHugh, Peer Recovery Coach, Winthrop, MA, CLEAR Program

Date Created: January 24, 2023