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Community-Based Violence Intervention: Management of Programs, Staff and Relationships

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During this webinar, which is part 3 of the series on community-based violence intervention, participants will learn about the management of community-based violence intervention programs, including partnerships and relationships with public safety and social service agencies; credible messengers/staff with experience in violence and victimization; and lessons of success and failure. Participants will learn about the hiring, vetting, and training of staff; requisite qualifications; and ensuring staff safety.

Audience: State, local, and Tribal law enforcement; organizations working with law enforcement on the reduction of violent crime; and PSN stakeholders

Speakers: LeVar Michael, LISC, (Moderator); Pastor DeAndre Brown, Lifeline to Success, Memphis; James Timpson, Director of Community Partnership and Safety for ROCA Maryland and ROCA Impact Institute; and Anne Marks, Youth ALIVE, Oakland, CA

Date Created: July 26, 2021