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Crime S.C.E.N.E. Excellence: Navigating the Initial Response to a Violent Crime Scene

Part of the National Public Safety Partnership Virtual Academy
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In an effort to deliver meaningful and effective resources to National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) sites and beyond, the PSP team, in collaboration with leading law enforcement experts and practitioners, has developed interactive, virtual courses on law enforcement topics identified to be of great importance. These courses are available nationwide at no-cost to requesting law enforcement professionals.

Numerous assessments across the PSP network have demonstrated that critical steps needed to begin a successful violent crime investigation may be overlooked during the initial response to the crime scene.

This course highlights the tools and best practices first responders need to consider to successfully manage violent crime scenes. Topics include initial response; officer demeanor and empathy; properly securing and controlling scenes; providing initial medical attention; securing and separating victims, witnesses, and bystanders; evidence considerations; note taking; notifications; neighborhood canvassing; scene briefings; and the importance of excellent report writing.

Date Created: December 6, 2022