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Designed for Dignity Request for Proposals Informational Webinar

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Through a new Designed for Dignity opportunity, Vera, with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, will partner with state corrections agencies to participate in training and technical assistance focused on developing, implementing, and enhancing strategies to foster safer, more humane prison cultures, climates, and spaces for both correctional staff and those who are incarcerated.

Designed for Dignity is an evolution of Restoring Promise, building on Vera’s work with corrections agencies since 2016.

During the webinar, Vera will offer insights into Restoring Promise, introduce Designed for Dignity, and walk participants through the Designed for Dignity application process. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, clarify project details, and understand expectations for Vera and the two selected Department of Corrections state partners.

Date Created: April 18, 2024