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The Future of Teleservices in Drug Courts: Part I - Where Are We Now? Recent Developments and Emerging Opportunities

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Treatment courts across the country have adapted almost overnight to COVID-19 guidance and restrictions, building quickly upon lessons learned from previous implementation efforts. Although the majority of this workforce continues to operate remotely today, treatment court practitioners are now beginning to contemplate strategic directions for a post-pandemic service model.

Part I of this three-part Virtual Learning Community presents a retrospective view of the transition to teleservices from the perspective of treatment court practitioners, a review of the mounting evidence-base for teleservices in treatment court settings, commentary on the potential for enhancing best practice standards through the use of teleservices, and results of a nationwide survey of treatment courts regarding practice modifications, implementation barriers, effective innovations, and intent to continue use of teleservices.

Following this event, participants will be able to:

  • Cite at least three distinct findings that demonstrate the effectiveness of teleservices
  • Describe at least three distinct ways in which teleservices can enhance best practice standards
  • Summarize nationwide survey results regarding provider intent to continue use of teleservices

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Date Created: May 25, 2021