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How EMS Is Impacting The Lives Of Overdose Patients In North Carolina

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In this webinar, Dr. James Winslow, State Medical Director for the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), will describe the EMS medication-assisted “bridge” programs developed in several countywide EMS agencies with the help of special funding from the North Carolina Office of EMS.

These EMS agencies have developed community paramedic programs that immediately follow up with patients who have overdosed. The intent of the program is to encourage the patients to enter treatment and begin medication-assisted treatment to keep them safe from overdosing before they begin a treatment program. The buprenorphine-naloxone combination (Suboxone) is an effective and safe therapy for easing withdrawal symptoms. In addition, Dr. Winslow will describe his experience with initiating Suboxone administration to patients with substance use disorder whom he sees in the emergency department.

Interventions by EMS in North Carolina that will be discussed include:

  • State opioid dashboard
  • Increased naloxone access
  • Leave behind naloxone
  • EMS based needle exchange
  • Pop up testing sites for HIV/Hepatitis
  • EMS Medication Assisted Bridge Programs


  • Dr. James Winslow, State Medical Director for the North Carolina Office of EMS
  • Deputy Chief Mike Campbell, Stanly County, North Carolina, EMS


  • Mary F. Hedges, MPA, Program Manager, National Association of State EMS Officials

Date Created: February 7, 2023