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Improving School Climate & Safety Through Inter-Professional Collaboration Training Series

Self-paced training offered through the National Center for School Safety
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In this interactive series, a multi-disciplinary group of experts comes together to share their diverse perspectives on the various facets of school climate. Throughout this four-part series, each session will consist of an expert-led panel followed by an interactive roundtable in which participants have an opportunity to engage with the topic experts and one another. Following the completion of each session, participants will be provided post-session learning activities that build upon each session’s lessons and prepares them for the next installment of the series. By attending all four of the sessions in this series, participants will gain a holistic view of challenges and topics related to school climate and inter-professional collaboration.

Sessions and Learning Objectives

  • Session 1: School Climate and Safety in the Distance Learning Environment
    • Identify how school climate changes for online learning.
    • Discuss challenges that can arise in building a school climate when using distance learning.
    • Discuss opportunities for inter-professional collaboration in building school climate.
  • Session 2: Examples of Anonymous Reporting Systems
    • Define the term “Anonymous Reporting System.”
    • Explain the inter-professional component of Anonymous Reporting Systems.
    • Discuss the school climate benefits of an Anonymous Reporting System.
  • Session 3: School-based Prevention Programming
    • Define the term “school-based prevention programming.”
    • Identify potential steps to take for implementing school-based prevention programming.
    • Discuss strategies for selecting school-based prevention programming.
  • Session 4: Collaboration and Information Sharing
    • Identify potential restrictions that can impact your colleague’s ability to share information.
    • Discuss potential challenges to information sharing.
    • Discuss how to balance privacy with the need to share information.

This training is offered through the Bureau of Justice Assistance-supported National Center for School Safety.

Date Created: December 15, 2022