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Jails Technical Implementation Guide

Justice Counts Work Session Series
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Event Dates

Between October 24 and 26, 2022, Justice Counts is hosting sector-specific work sessions as part of the Justice Counts Work Session Series to help define the data elements to include in Justice Counts metrics to empower data-driven decision-making. The Council of State Governments Justice Center, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and Justice Counts partners will focus the work sessions on the Justice Counts Tier 1 metrics Technical Implementation Guides.

This session will focus on the Jails Technical Implementation Guide.

Each sector-specific work session will include: (1) a presentation of the draft Technical Implementation Guide for that sector’s metrics; (2) a deep-dive discussion designed to further shape the definitions, fields, and agency-specific customizations in the forthcoming Justice Counts data infrastructure; and (3) a conversation about potential barriers to implementing the Justice Counts metrics.

The work sessions are intended primarily for agency staff who are likely to be involved in gathering the data recommended by the Justice Counts metrics and entering the data for their agency via the Justice Counts digital infrastructure. The sessions are geared toward a more technically oriented audience than most policymakers or agency leaders who are data-informed but not responsible for data management. However, the Justice Counts team welcomes any members of the public who wish to engage in a robust conversation about creating a flexible way to meaningfully define criminal justice data to participate in the work sessions.

 Session Speakers:

  • Katie Mosehauer, Program Director, State Initiatives, CSG Justice Center
  • Laura van der Lugt, Deputy Program Director, State Initiatives, CSG Justice Center
  • Matt Herman, Data Scientist II, Research, CSG Justice Center
  • Sarah Lee, Senior Policy Analyst, State Initiatives, CSG Justice Center

Date Created: October 5, 2022