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Multilevel Evaluation of Project Safe Neighborhoods

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Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is a DOJ-sponsored initiative to reduce violent crime, particularly gun crime, by fostering cooperation by criminal justice agencies and local partners to develop and implement strategic approaches.

This panel presents information about the enhanced PSN model implemented since 2018 and the national evaluation being conducted by RTI International and the Justice Research and Statistics Association. The evaluation includes a national assessment including all 94 districts across the U.S. and territories and case studies in 10 carefully selected districts. Both components address outcomes (violent crime, arrests and prosecutions), implementation (e.g., how PSN principles were implemented; partnership composition and functioning) and how implementation is associated with outcomes.

Following an overview of PSN and the national evaluation, we will delve into the design and initial findings of the national assessment and case studies, respectively. We will also discuss the implications of the FBI’s move away from the UCR Summary Reporting System to incident-based data for the evaluation and how the project team is adapting to this changing environment. Discussants include the PSN Coordinator from the Northern District of Illinois and NIJ’s scientific advisor to this project.

Proposed Panel setting: 15 minutes for each presentation and 20 minutes for introductions, Discussant comments, and Q&A. 

Date Created: September 24, 2021